CFI World
Chemicals for industries


CFI World S.A. is a company with exclusively Polish share capital that has been operating on the Polish chemicals market since 2009. Our activity is not merely limited to supplying top-quality raw-materials for the broadly understood chemical industry – we also provide all the know-how. Our wide range of products predominantly comes from the far east: Taiwan, China, India, and Korea, to name just a few.

Our major business partners include such big players as:

  • Lotte Fine Chemicals (one of the largest chemical company in Korea)
  • Dairen Chemical Corporation (one of the biggest manufacturers of redispersible polymer powders in the world)
  • Hangzhou Bioking Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (the world’s largest producer of synthetic tartaric acid)
  • Sichuan Lomon Corporation (one of the top manufacturers of titanium dioxide)
  • LG Chem (Korean chemical producer)


We cooperate with most of our partners on exclusivity basis, thanks to which we have been able to provide professional service, logistics and distribution of the products within Poland and EU for years.

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