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1HECHECELLOSE™ are non-ionic cellulose ethers (HydroxyEthylCellulose – HEC), which offer a wide variety of applications: paints, plasters, beauty care products, petroleum technologies, polymerizations and pharmaceutics. One product range especially worth considering is the hydrophobically modified HEC type (HMHEC).


Depending on the type, Hecellose shows unique properties:

  • it is easily soluble in cold water
  • it helps to determine the water content in a formulation
  • it shows thickening properties and increases the level of products’ adhesion
  • shows pseudoplastic behavior in a solution
  • it shows fantastic stability of viscosity at long-term storage due to resistance to bacterial and fungal attacks
  • it generates a clean and elastic film which serves as a great barrier for greases and oils
  • it is fully compatible with other ionic and non-ionic agents in water solutions
  • it is fully stable in a wide range of pH (3.0-11.00)
  • it shows surfactant properties in solutions, working as a protective colloid and an emulsifier
  • being hydrophobically modified, some types allow to design non-splash paints


H Grade P Grade B Grade Concentration 1% Concentration 2%
H200K 5,000-6,000
SBHV 4,800-6,000
H100K P100K B100K 3,500-5,000
H50K P50K B50K 2,500-3,500
H30K P30K B30K 1,500-2,500
H15K P15K B15K 1,000-1,500
H4K P4K B4K 4,500-6,500
H2K P2K 1,500-2,500
H300 250-550
HM500 250-750
HM10000 8.000-13.000

H- regular HEC type, P – Personal Care (cosmetics), B- bio-stable, HM-hydrophobically modified