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1MCMECELLOSE® are non-ionic cellulose ethers which, thanks to appropriate modifications, can be used in a wide array of applications, from construction and engineering, through water-soluble layers for buildings, beauty care products, petroleum technologies, polymerization, to pharmaceutics.


Depending on its type and modification applied, Mecellose can show some unique properties:

  • it is easily soluble in cold water,
  • it reduces water absorption by absorbent surfaces (e.g. drywalls) from formulations,
  • it is soluble in some organic solvents and solvent-water systems, thanks to special hydrophobic groups in its molecules,
  • it increases viscosity and prolongs stability of emulsion systems,
  • it shows fantastic stability of viscosity at long-term storage, due to resistance to bacterial and fungal attacks,
  • it generates a clean and elastic film which serves as a great barrier for greases and oils,
  • it is fully compatible with other ionic and non-ionic agents in water solutions,
  • it is fully stable in a wide range of pH (3.0-11.00),
  • it improves workability, applicability and drying time in cement and gypsum applications,
  • it shows surfactant properties in solutions, working as a protective colloid and an emulsifier,
  • it turns into gel when the temperature rises to a specified degree, and returns to original form while cooling


Application suggestions depending on the formulation: