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Hase Thickener Hisol, HEUR thickener Hiresol, Opaque Polimer, Dispersing agents


HLC produces additives for water-based paint, including Opaque Polymer HIQUE, HASE Thickener HISOL, HEUR Thickener HIRESOL, Dispersant HIDIS and other specialty binder emulsions.
HLC’s research and development center, a subsidiary research center of HLC, is currently developing and improving our products.
As of 2017, HLC produces 37,000 tons per year with our automated facilities, which allow supplying to both domestic Korean and international markets. Each year, HLC participates in three or four international exhibitions in order to expand our market abroad and we are proud to say that we currently have business relationships with companies in 45 different countries.

HLC has been producing Hollow Sphere Pigment HIQUE to most domestic paper companies including coated paper and paperboard companies, matt coated paper companies and thermal direct printing paper companies, as well as a handful of companies abroad. We continue to develop hollow sphere pigments and water retention agents in various grades.