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LB Group is one of the largest manufacturers of titanium-based and phosphorus chemicals, and also plays a considerable role in biochemical industry and metallurgy. The company employs over 10 000 people , as much as one fifth of whom constitute educated technical staff. Lomon Corporation tightly cooperates with over 30 research institutes, both national and foreign, thanks to which it can boast an impressive portfolio of over one hundred patents and a comprehensive know-how. As a result, Lomon offers top quality, state-of-the-art rutile titanium dioxide.


The total annual production of all sorts of titanium white exceeds 200.000 mT. Xuelian R966 titanium white, as a basic product type on CFI’s offer, is a universal titanium dioxide pigment of high TiO2 content (minimum 93%), with oil absorption rate of 22, characterized by high whiteness and very good covering power.